Volunteer at JCTC

Internship Opportunities

Jersey City Theater Center (JCTC) is looking for qualified applicants to participate in our internship program. Internships will run through the Fall/Spring Semesters.

Applicants must be enrolled in a local University, able to devote 5-10 hours per week during the months of October to April. Other requirements include: a basic knowledge of social media, Internet research and some computer programs (Word, Excel, Photoshop etc.). Most importantly they must have an interest in the arts as a career. Interns will be working on a wide with a variety of arts and artists.‚Äč

Interns will be working at White Eagle Hall, a theater with 400-800 capacity, for its presentations of theater, music and other events as well as at Merseles Studios, which features a black-box theater, art gallery and artist studios. Interns will have the unique opportunity to attend programming at both venues, sit it on planning meetings, and work directly with JCTC and White Eagle Hall management staff. Interns will gain valuable experience, expand and improve their skill-sets, and learn about how both the for-profit entertainment world as well as the nonprofit theater and arts worlds work.

Theater Management

Theater Management interns will gain hands-on experience with how to organize and produce performances at both Merseles Studios black box theater and White Eagle Hall. Ideal candidates will be interested in both working behind the scenes with artists and production personnel as well as interacting with the audiences. Duties include:

  • Theater space set up
  • Theater maintenance and upkeep
  • Stage design
  • Sound & Lighting production
  • Box Office management
  • Rehearsal management
  • Ushering


Marketing Interns will focus on social media, market research and community outreach, working closely with the JCTC/White Eagle Hall media departments in creating content and dispersal of that content.

Duties include:

  • Market research, including identify audience segments, media outlets, etc.
  • Community outreach
  • Email blasts, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Posts
  • Maintaining and expanding Social Media Presence
  • Creating & Distributing fliers and other materials

Media Production

Media Interns will assist in the creation and distribution of JCTC/White Eagle Hall content and branding.

  • Create, Collect & Prepare JCTC/White Eagle broadcast content in the form of video, photography and podcasts.
  • Branding
  • Image Editing
  • Community Outreach
  • Working on the other side of the lens as temporary brand ambassadors by attending community events to promote JCTC/White Eagle Hall.

Art Gallery Management

Interns in our Art Gallery Management program receive hands-on experience on all aspects of art gallery management, including curation, art hanging, exhibition layouts and design, and marketing. Duties will include:

  • Assisting Visual Arts Coordinator
  • Hanging show in gallery
  • Gallery wall prep & lighting design
  • Art selection for exhibition
  • Organizing art jpegs and artist bios & statements for promotional, marketing and social media usage
  • Creaking marketing and social media content
  • Market research and community outreach
  • Gallery sitting (managing gallery/front desk during gallery hours)
  • Assisting in organizing and executing artist talks