Play Reading: La Race (La Raz)

La Race (La Raz) by Bleu Beckford-Burrell

When a recently fired Maxine grappling with depression, unbeknownst to her revolutionist best friend A.J., mobilizes her to run for office; relationships are formed, questioned, and broken with this eclectic committee, from N.Y.C. 31st district as they deal with race, identity, and gentrification.

2020 JCTC Celebration of Community through the Arts!

Destiny Art Exhibition Opening


What is Destiny? Are we bound for destiny or does destiny happen to us? Is it coincidence or synchronicity? Do we determine our fate or victims of it? What does our society of diverse & complex human beings believe or avoid believing? What are the cultural norms and do conform to or rebel against those norms? Do artists create, interpret or include destiny?

Destiny features a group of 16 culturally diverse artists:

Geraldine Anderson Gaines, Ian “Billy Bones” Murphy, Nanette Reynolds Beachner, Grigory Gurevich, Catalina Aranguren, Janhavi Firke, Erin Kuhn, Lawrence Ciarallo, Monika Kalra, Tyber Qalipu Mishipeshu Murphy, Donchelle Fulwood, Duda Penteado, Anna Kasperowitz, David James, Cecilia Martinez, and Akil Roper.

Exhibition runs from February 7 – February 28

Play Reading: Mr. Intentional


Mr. Intentional by Landon Woodson

Inspired by a Lauryn Hill song of the same name, Mr. Intentional is a theatrical exploration of the precarious construct of masculinity. An irreverent blend of satire and drama, Mr. Intentional is a multifaceted look at the various masks of masculinity and the humanity that lies beneath them.

SELL ME: I Am From North Korea


SELL ME: I Am From North Korea is inspired by the true stories of North Korean defectors who risk everything to escape one of Earth’s most repressive regimes. Ms. Baek’s solo performance weaves together relatable young naïveté, the harsh realities of life inside a brutal regime, and the unforgiving struggle of life as an undocumented refugee in order to bring voice to a silenced people.

Voices International Theatre Festival: La Caja


LA CAJA (The Box) is an immersive experience by Los Escultores del Aire, a Barcelona-based theater company that has toured internationally. The company is known for using Corporeal Mime as the basis for creation, adding other theatrical arts such as circus spectacles, dance and movement and object manipulation. The company has toured Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, Macedonia, Poland, Sweden, Morocco, Colombia, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica. Creative Team: Mai Rojas, Adán, Aguilar, Marc Lorenzo,  Raffaella Crapio.

A group of doctors and medical assistant try to find a cure for Martinez, who suffers from a rare psychic disorder. As days pass, the patient travels deeper into an imaginary world, making the border separating reality and fiction more and more ambiguous as box containing the cure for evil is discovered. But what is inside the box and why is it so hard to open?

Jack Crying Raven Anderson: A Solo Exhibition


Jack Crying Raven Anderson Exhibition curated by Atim Annette Oton to celebrate National Native American Heritage Month.

Artist Bio: Jack Anderson is a self-taught contemporary artist of African American and Native American heritage who creates Jazz, Blues, Love and Native American theme.

Lines in the Dust (Main Stage Production)


Lines in the Dust, by Obie-Award winning actress & Pulitzer Prize nominated writer, Nikkole Salter, tells the story of the lengths a mother will go through to ensure a better future for her daughter. Set in 2010, Lines in the Dust explores the issue of separate and unequal schooling. The story follows a mother and Newark resident seeking to send her daughter to a better school in Millburn, which seems a risk worth taking, but may end up requiring a bigger sacrifice than she ever could have imagined.

Lines in the Dust is a contemporary fable about the injustices of a public school system where the quality of your children’s education can depend on solely on your street address. Originally commissioned by Luna Stage in West Orange to commemorate the 60th anniversary of Brown Versus Board of Education, the plays
reveals the persistent racial and economic inequities defining public education in 21st century America.

Voices International Theatre Festival: Truth


JCTC presents The Truth directed by Piotr Borowski and performed by Studium Teatralne, is a performance about the absence of the sacred, the lack of metaphysics and truth; it exposes life devoid of any mystery, where there is no feeling for life’s meaning and purpose. The protagonist of this play is someone who does not appear on the stage, and the stage itself is taken by the striving for knowledge, for a new creation, as well as by aggression, the survival instinct, envy, insatiability and usurpation that claims a monopoly on the truth. The performance draws from the original texts of the ecumenical councils as well as from the text of the Grand Inquisitor from Dostoyevsky’s “Brothers Karamazov.”

Voices International Theatre Festival: WATCH NOW


WATCH NOW – cutting edge, international dance performance from Slovakia delves into issues of identity and privacy in our contemporary, high-tech global society. Accompanied by live music, Watch Now follows a couple undergoing a difficult time in their relationship, where it is never clear whether their movements are affectionate or manipulative, as they both gently touch then refuse contact. Their touches, glances and gestures are interpreted differently by each of them. Watch Now explores issues of watching, information collection, the manipulation of records. and the loss of privacy.

Conceived and directed by: Lucia Holinová
Choreography: Daniel Racek, Lucia Holinová
Cast: Barbora Janakova, Daniel Racek, Vlado Holina, Sandra Pazman Tordova

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