Voices International Theatre Festival: WATCH NOW


WATCH NOW – cutting edge, international dance performance from Slovakia delves into issues of identity and privacy in our contemporary, high-tech global society. Accompanied by live music, Watch Now follows a couple undergoing a difficult time in their relationship, where it is never clear whether their movements are affectionate or manipulative, as they both gently touch then refuse contact. Their touches, glances and gestures are interpreted differently by each of them. Watch Now explores issues of watching, information collection, the manipulation of records. and the loss of privacy.

Conceived and directed by: Lucia Holinová
Choreography: Daniel Racek, Lucia Holinová
Cast: Barbora Janakova, Daniel Racek, Vlado Holina, Sandra Pazman Tordova

Visit www.vhlf.org to learn more about Vaclav Havel Library Foundation.

Voices International Theatre Festival: Jazz Italiano


JAZZ ITALIANO features IDR (Italian Doc Remix), an internationally renowned Italian Jazz ensemble. Building on a base of powerful Southern Italian folk music, JAZZ ITALIANO is a A sonic journey into the memory of Neapolitan folk songs and tradition with an all-star NYC based band. IDR is led by Italian guitarist virtuoso Marco Cappelli and features the Toronto-based Italian singer Francesco Pellegrino. d– Experience an evening of unforgettable, cross-cultural music!

Guitars: Marco Cappelli
Clarinets: Doug Wieselman
Double Bass: Ken Filiano
Drums: Jim Pugliese
Vocals: Francesco Pellegrino

Amend the 13th! An Event to End Mass Incarceration


Artists, Community Activists, Leaders, CBO’s, Elected Officials, Students and Families come together to stand on the issue that deeply affects us all. Lets end profit incentive for incarceration, and abolish slavery in NJ once and for all! Hosted by the Jersey City Theater Center and White Eagle Hall. Produced by Guazabara Insight, LLC.

Trojan Women (Main Stage Production)


Jersey City Theater Center (JCTC) presents Trojan Women, a multimedia and multilingual adaptation of the classic Greek tragedy reimagined for today’s turbulent times.

This multimedia production – directed by Olga Levina, Artistic Director of JCTC – features a diverse cast of more than 15 actors with nearly as many additional artists as part of the production crew. These talented individuals include artists of international stature as well as those with regional renown.

Moon Festival


Moon Festival – a culturally-rich Asian American dance concert that celebrates diversity, family, women and motherhood – is a collaboration between the Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company and Akhilandeshwari Vasudevamurthy .The two dance companies will perform then invite the audience to join in this ancient celebration as they invoke the power of the moon through ritualistic dance and trance-inducing rhythms. In keeping with Asian tradition, Moon Cake, a traditional Chinese delicacy where legend has it was first baked by resistance fighters during an uprising in China more than 1000 years ago – and authentic Indian Pudding – will be served.



Prologue is a mixed-media performance created as a composition of moments – snapshots into the life and thought of French philosopher, activist, and mystic, Simone Weil (1909 – 1943.) As an actor prepares to play Simone Weil, he reflects on the mystical and artistic processes, and on the indispensable role of “the other” to bring depth and meaning to our experience.

The performance was accompanied by an immersive video art installation.

Theatre in Residency: Yarns by No Dominion Theatre Company


No Dominion Theatre Company is one of Jersey City Theater Center’s 2018 Artists in Residency.

Yarns, an original devised production from No Dominion Theatre Co., explores the parallels between sex work and fiber arts as a group of five women seek change and empowerment despite the hostile world that surrounds them. Utilizing texts from various sources with interviews from sex workers and fiber artists, Yarns takes us to a brothel where the women survive by turning tricks and creating warmth from the yarn that surrounds them under the watchful eye of a man who calls himself their protector. Culminating in an unforgettable burlesque performance, Yarns shows the true meaning of female empowerment and how “women’s work” is a force to be reckoned with.

Out of Bounds


Out of Bounds, an evening of high-caliber modern dance celebrating innovative New Jersey and New York choreographers by some of the leading dance companies and dancers in the region.

Curated by Meagan Woods, co-producer of Your Move, the largest dance festival in New Jersey, the White Eagle Hall dance concert brings together a rare grouping of some of today’s most innovative practitioners of dance and movement. In addition to Woods, Out of Bounds features Robert Mark Burke, Lauren Connolly, Katelyn Halpern, Joe Monteleone, Morgan Refakis, Nick Sciscione and Heather Warfel in evening of eight distinct dance vignettes. Each piece was created or selected specifically for Resistance, JCTC’s current thematic series.

Decline and Fall


Based loosely on the Paris Peace Conference of 1919, Decline and Fall is an original work created by nocturne Productions which analyzes the experience of individuals who make decision on behalf of many, the masses affected by such decisions, and the muddy filter of communication which separates them.

As a group of representatives, each beholden to their own promises, passions, and opinions, attempt to build a better world together, clashes of human behavior, ideals, and identities inevitably occur. When something so important becomes so primal, few individuals win while many are forgotten. Decline and Fall deconstructs the historical events that birthed our modern geo-political system to examine the fundamental human flaws that still plague our world today.

W. E. B. Du Bois: A Man for All Times


An emotion packed play about the life and times of Civil Rights Activist –W.E.B. Du Bois, (1868-1963). With this riveting drama we are transported into Du Bois’ private and political world. An inspirational journey through almost one hundred years in this great man’s life. An experience both humorous, touching and enlightening.